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Black History Month: Speech at Stanborough Primary School Assembly

What a fantastic day at Stanborough Primary School! 🎉

Celebrating Black History Month, I got to talk about the story behind my Self-development Journal  and me as a kidpreneur 🏆

It was a life-changing experience that I will treasure forever 🙏🏽

Standing alongside the extraordinary young speaker, Israel @animalfusionsstories (11 years old), was a privilege.

His journey as a kidpreneur is really really inspiring 🥇

The pupils welcome, questions and interest truly touched my heart. I am grateful! 🙌🏽

A huge thanks to Mrs. Madden, all the students, and the teachers at Stanborough for  allowing me to share my own kidpreneur story 🎇

Gratitude is also due to @ultraeducation and @theultrapreneur whose support made this possible👏🏽

Every moment spent with the students has reaffirmed my passion for speaking and the transformative power of sharing stories🥰

Thank you #StanboroughFamily, for a day full of dear memories💚




BCyA : De la Martinique au Palais de Westminster 

Je suis super heureuse de vous partager une grande nouvelle ! 🎉🎊

C’est avec un immense honneur que j’ai reçu le British Citizen Youth Award (BCyA) au Palace de Westminster à Londres 🏆👏🏽

Et je suis très fière d'être la plus jeune Martiniquaise ❤️💚🖤, voire la première, à recevoir le BCyA 🎉☀️

Ce prix représente tout le travail que j’ai fait pour sensibiliser les jeunes à la santé mentale et au bien-être grâce à mon Journal de Développement Personnel ❤️‍🩹📖

Je suis arrivée à Londres quand j'avais 4 ans. C'était un grand changement, surtout avec la barrière de la langue. Mais j'ai travaillé dur, et j’ai réussi à apprendre l'anglais et à m’adapter à mon nouvel environnement. ☺️🎈

À 6 ans, j’ai découvert le pouvoir des mots en commençant à écrire ce que je ressentais.🔋✨

Avec le temps, l’idée que je pouvais aussi aider d'autres enfants comme moi a commencé à germer 🌱 🤗

C’est ainsi que j'ai créé mon Journal de Développement Personnel, en Anglais et en Français, pour aider les enfants à gérer leurs émotions, à croire en eux et à développer un état d’esprit positif 🎇🤩

Originaire d'une petite île dans les Caraïbes, j'ai réussi, malgré mon jeune âge, à accomplir un travail considérable qui a, aujourd'hui, été mis à l'honneur sur la scène britannique🎖️🌺

Cette médaille est un hommage à mon parcours, à mes origines, à mon île et au soutien infaillible que j'ai reçu de ma famille, mes amis, des parents et des enfants qui m'ont soutenue et fait confiance sur leur chemin vers la meilleure version d'eux-mêmes 💯⭐


Je veux continuer à encourager tous les enfants à croire en eux, en leurs rêves et à découvrir leur propre voie💫






Gratitude Speech BCyA 

I am overjoyed to present my gratitude speech at the Palace of Westminster! 🎤 

It was an incredible privilege to express my deep appreciation to the amazing people who made this BCyA honor possible. 🏅

Your unwavering support has truly meant the world to me! 🤩👍🏽

@britishcitizenaward  @specsavers  @first_news  @kimberlywyatt  @amonwelte@theultrapreneur @ultraeducation 

My Mum and Dad, my family and friends ❤️

Keep believing in yourself, you are full of potential!🏆 



British Citizen Youth Award (BCyA)

I am immensely honoured to receive the prestigious British Citizen Youth Award (BCyA) at the esteemed Palace of Westminster. This award symbolises my positive impact on raising awareness of mental health and well-being among young people. Also, this award entitles me to attach “BCyA” to my name (similar to the MBE title). 

This recognition is not merely for me, but it represents my incredible journey from my beautiful island, Martinique to the heart of the United Kingdom. Upon arrival in England, the English language was a barrier as my mother tongue is French, but today, this medal speaks volumes of the steadfast support and resilience that has shaped this journey.  At the tender age of 9, this honour motivates me to continue reaching for excellence and to be a beacon of hope and change.  The adventure has just begun.  

I would like to say thank you : 

The @britishcitizenaward 

Dame Mary Perkins founder of @specsavers

The Baroness Caroline Cox of Queensbury. 

Nicky Cox MBE, Editor-in-Chief of First News @first_news

Kimberley Wyatt @kimberlywyatt

Big bus @bigbuslondon for this amazing lap of honour in London after the ceremony. 

Andrea @amonwelter and Javay Welter  

Julian Hall @theultrapreneur and his Ultra Education team @ultraeducation

My Mum and Dad, my family and friends 

Everyone who has been supporting and trusting me on their journey towards becoming the best version of themselves. 

Finally, I would like to congratulate the 23 other medalists.

Keep believing in yourself, you are full of potential!🏆 





My First Article in Cocoa Magazine 

✨📖 Dear Friends and Family, with a heart full of excitement and gratitude, I am overjoyed to announce my first-ever article in the lovely Cocoa Magazines! 🌟💫

A heartfelt thank you to the amazing team, @cocoagirlmag , @cocoaboymag , @serlinaboyd for granting me this opportunity. 🙏🤗

If you’re keen to discover the magic of supporting children through the power of the 5 As, then do fetch the latest issue of Cocoa Magazine.🥰

Your encouragement means the world to me. Let's embrace this learning journey together! 💕📚






Ultra Education Event

 Hear from some kidpreneurs about some of the work that we do 🌟💫




Mental Health Awareness Week


Hello everyone ☀️

It's the last day of Mental Health Awareness Week, and I wanted to remind us all that sometimes it's normal that we feel a little anxious. But guess what? We have incredible strength, awesome skills, and unique qualities that make us truly special! ✨

🌟 Embrace Your Inner Strength and overcoming Worries with courage! Share your stories, your triumphs, and the special ways you conquer your worries. Let's inspire one another and show the world that we are all on this amazing journey! 🌍


🎥 : Extract from an interview with Tutu Adewole @tu2ade for Kids Inspiring Kids (18.02.23)







My Self-Development Journal in French

I would like to introduce you to My Self-Development Journal in french: Mon Journal de Développement Personnel 🥰🎉






Ilho Sunshine's First Anniversary

🎉Today is a special day for me, as it marks the one-year anniversary of my business and the celebration of my first event in Wembley with @ultraeducation🎊

🌟Looking back, it has been an incredible year of growth and development, meeting inspiring kidpreneurs, attending amazing events and encountering inspirational people🌟

❤️However, I couldn't have achieved all of this without the support of:

💚My family - from Martinique to France and UK
💜My Mum, my Rock who has been there for me every step of the way, and helps me bring my dreams to life.
💛My dad who has provided me with valuable guidance and motivation.

...and of course...

💙 YOU all who have been following and encouraging me.

🙏🏽Thank you all for being a part of this incredible journey and for your amazing support. Here's to many more years of growth and success! 🚀








Salon des Entrepreneurs by Cléopâtre Drive

🎉🎉🎉 I'm super excited to share some amazing news with you all! 🎉🎉🎉

I've been invited to attend an event in France called LE SALON DES ENTREPRENEURS! It's my very first French event and I'm going to be a Guest of Honour!

I'll be showcasing my Self-Development journals, and I'm going to share all about my journey and how my journals can help other children just like me.

I want to give a big shout-out to Thellia Tacite. She's an awesome business woman and the CEO of @cleopatredrive. She's the one who made this event possible, and I'm so grateful for this opportunity to meet amazing and talented entrepreneurs





Kidpreneur of the week

Kidpreneur of the week !!!!
"Our kidpreneur of the week is Ilho Sunshine has ran with her parents' background in Education, Psychology, and Mental Health to bring her vision to life through this one-of-a-kind kids self-development journal.

Children will have the opportunity to develop a set of skills, attitudes, and habits that benefit their mental health and wellbeing"






Bright Futures

 We at @ultraeducation are honoured to have partnered with Diverse Leaders Network and @weareinnovateuk to deliver on a pilot called BRIGHT FUTURES 🌟

A day when 9-14yr olds became YOUNG INVESTORS alongside with grown up Angels, VC's and investors. Listening to and evaluating real entrepreneurs pitching for real investment 💰







International Women's Day

Thank you @ultraeducation

"It's #internationalwomensday and the team at Ultra would like you to join us in shining a light on some amazing young women! ✨👑
These young entrepreneurs are inspirational 🤩






Cocoa Journalist Class

Ilhora-Lee is very PROUD to be one the 52 children talking part in the Cocoa Class 2023🤩🥰

Thank you @cocoagirlmag and @cocoaboymag

Thank you @serlinaboyd for this amazing opportunity 🤗





Kids Inspiring Kids

*Kids Inspiring Kids*👧🏼🧠👦🏼
*February Edition 🥳💥💥*

Another edition of _Kids Inspiring Kids_ with special guest Ilhora-Lee, holds this *Saturday 18th February at 6pm GMT*

Ilhora-Lee Louison, is an 8 years-old kidpreneur and the author of  "My Self-Development Journal" to help children and young people deal with their emotions and develop a positive mindset.

It’ll be another awesome time as she speaks to kids and inspires them to be the leaders they were created to be.

Thank you Tutu Adewole @tu2ade from Kids Inspiring Kids for organising this interview.




Le webinaire des Kidpreneurs

My first webinar in French

Thank you Valerie Clairicia for organising this webinar.





The Power of "My Self-Development Journal" for young People's wellbeing" by Ilho Sunshine Team


 How to help children and young people manage their emotions and build their confidence and self-esteem.

Join us on Wednesday 14th December 2022 at the Orpington Library* for our “Journaling, an effective parenting tool” workshop where you can get your journal to support your children’s growth.**

Wednesday 14 December 202210:30 – 12:30 GMT

Location : Orpington Library The Walnuts Centre Orpington BR6 0TW

Register now :

* Free parking in the area

**Journals will be available on the day for the minimum price of £22.49. However, if you pre-order using the link below, we’ll give you a 15% discount.

Promo code: DEC14 on




Winter fair by Ultra Education

The UK's Biggest Youth Business Fair at Wembley Stadium







TruLittleHero Ceremony

 Ilhora-Lee won the TruLittle Scribe Hero Award (Under 12).






Cocoakidsfest by Cocoagirlmag

The Cocoakids Career Fest 2022 at the Business Design Centre 








UK Black Business Show 22

The UK Black Business Show 2022 at the Business Design Centre






Women At Microsoft 

Ilho Sunshine's first collaboration with Women At Microsoft 







Network and Vibe by Vide London Official








Cocoakidsfest by Cocoagirlmag

 My First Cocoakidsfest was with the amazing Cocoagirlmag Team at Epsom Downs Racecourse in Surrey.










UK's Biggest Youth Business Fair by Ultra Education

My First Business Fair was with the amazing Ultra Education Team at Wembley Stadium in London.






Customise* your journal !

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