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Who is Ilho Sunshine ?


Welcome to my page!

My name is Ilhora-Lee (pronounced "ee-lora-lee"), but you can call me Ilho (pronounced ee-lo) or Ilho Sunshine like my family likes to do!

My family comes from Martinique, a beautiful island in the Caribbean. Martinique is a French Caribbean Island, so yes, je parle français! 😊(I speak French)

I am 8 years old, and I live in London. When I was 4, I left Paris to England.

I could not say one word in English, and I had to start school and learn how to read, count, and write in English. But the most important thing, I needed to make friends!

It was soooooooooo hard, but I did it!

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Ilho "Pikos" Sunshine

My first sentence was: “Can I have more chocolate please?” 😊(I really like chocolate!)

My first friends were Maddalena and Maya and guess what: 4 years later, we are still best friends 😊

But yeah, with so much going on in my mind, all the changes I was going through, I was… I don’t know how to explain it but outside I was happy but inside I was very upset.

You know, I was nicknamed “Sunshine” because I am always happy. I always wake up in the morning with a big bright smile on my face and have a lot of energy, but guys, it was sooooooo hard!

My parents work in Schools and are passionate about how the brain works, how we behave (Psychology) and our emotions/feelings (Mental Health). So, they noticed what I did not know and understand. When I was 6, my parents offered me my first journal to try to express myself and my feelings.

This journal helped me a lot with my writing.

I still can’t believe I used to write “pikos” instead of “because”.

It makes me smile when I am writing this to you now. 😊

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What about the Self-Development Journal ?

When I was 7, I came up
with this idea: “why could I not make my own journal !?!?!” In the world, so
many children are feeling sad, angry, upset and I was thinking how I could help

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So, I grabbed my notebook, and I drew how I would like my journal to be: I wanted something magical with sparkling explosions, colourful emotion pictures and a lot of spaces to write or draw (I love drawing and colours by the way😊).

I thought about questions that could help children think and discover things about themselves like they did for myself.

And I ran to my mum and said: “This is how I want my journal to be”!

This is how my journey as a kidpreneur started. It was in April 2021.

My mum and I started working on it and she helped me make my journal a reality.

And this is how My
Self-Development Journal was born!


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How this Self-Development Journal will help children?

This Self-Development Journal will help children: 

✔ Write down their sweet
memories about their family, their friends and also about their days. At the end of the day, I like to think about the best part of my day and write about it. On the 15/12/2020, I wrote: “I like wen daddy or mummy tickel me in the morning”. I still like it! 😊

✔ Understand their emotions and use talking, drawing, or writing to deal with them. But I have learnt different other ways which can help you deal with your emotions, and you can find them on pages 18 and 19 of the Journal.

✔ Understand that words are powerful and how important it is to talk kindly about ourselves. At the beginning, it was so hard to understand people that I thought I would have never made it. But I learnt that if I am confident, positive and believe in myself, I would do it. And I did! Now, I can express myself, my feelings, and my creativity in English with confidence.


Now, I want to help you and many other children in the world to discover themselves, love themselves and support themselves to succeed in their life.

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I am happy that you have chosen my journal to accompany you on your journey of self-development and greatness.


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