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Ilho Sunshine

Self-development Journal for Female Children

Self-development Journal for Female Children

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Self-development Journal for Female Children

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  • My Self-Development Journal

    Stress, sadness, loneliness, anger, lack of confidence, and misunderstandings can affect children's development.

    Therefore, it is important for young people to learn strategies and develop a positive mindset to improve their self-belief, and self-esteem.

    Discover the Power of Journaling with my Self-Development Journal.

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  • This Self-Development Journal will help children:

    * Identify their feelings by using a wide range of vocabulary, and label their emotions.

    * Become resilient whilst developing their problem-solving skills to bounce back from challenging situations.

    * Use resources and techniques to manage their emotions by themselves (Self-management).

    * Reinforce their confidence, and help them see the positive in everyday experiences.

    *  Improve their memory, writing, and communication skills in a fun way.

    * Have fun on their journey of Self-discovery and Self-development!

  • * Education, Psychology and Mental Health based journal

    * Focus on self-development and self-management

    * Self-care, Mindfulness, Self-awareness

    * Journaling for 3 months-12 weeks

    * Bonus: weekly activities

    * Reading age ‏ : ‎7 years and up

    *220 pages

    * ISBN 978-1-7396392-3-5

    *  Dimensions: 21 cm x 2 cm x 15 cm

    * Weight: 519 g

    * All pages coloured

    * High quality

    * Designed, printed, and bounded with love in the UK

    * Perfect well-being gift for young people